A Natural History Of Magick


The ultimate gift for all our incredible wizard, witchses and Potter fans.

This stunning gift title is written in a fantastic and eccentrically funny style, steeped with rich, magical, and enchanting details.

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A Natural History Of Magick has the most luxurious cover. Laced with embossed gold foiling, a ribbon marker and sprayed gold edges, making this a book to be treasured forever, and one of our top 10 gifting titles.

Find intriguing sketches and precise notes detailing the secret world of magic, a natural force that is hidden all around us. Young readers will delight in this hidden world as they learn about many topics such as;

  • Different types of magic – Explore divination, tarot reading, astrology, numerology, alchemy, and more.
  • Powerful plants – Peppermint is fantastic for cleansing, and also known to ward off vampires.
  • Wand trees – Apple tree wands are helpful in matters of love and fertility, while beech is best for scholars using wordy spells.
  • Familiars – Choose the perfect magical companion. If you love to gossip, you might choose a ferret as your familiar or, for improved thinking, an owl.
  • The most magical of days – Discover the power and stories of Imbolc, the solstices, All Hallows’ Eve, and more.
  • Magical scripts – Learn about the secret languages used through history for communicating with the spirit world.
  • The moon and all its magic…..AND SOOO MUCH MORE!

With this precious scrapbook as their guide, Children will tap into the powerful energies that will help them harness their very own magic.

£20.00 Clothbound Hardback. 64 pages. 

Created for ages 7-9 years in mind. 


Frances Lincoln Children's Books

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