Little People, BIG Dreams: Mary Anning


Discover the incredible life of Mary Anning, the first Palaeontologist and daring fossil hunter.

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When Mary was little, her family was very poor. She used to help her dad to comb for shells and bones up high on dangerous cliffs.
After receiving a book as a gift from a kind benefactor, Mary learned all about fossils. She continued to hunt for them and made the startling discovery of a complete skeleton of an ichthyosaur.

She wasn’t allowed to study along with all the other men, but she carried on making her own discoveries including dinosaur poo!

It took a lifetime for her to receive recognition for her achievements but we all remember her now as the mother of paleontology.

This roar-some book features stylish and quirky illustrations, along with extra facts at the back, and a biographical timeline with historical photos and detailed profile of the paleontologist’s life.

Inspire the next generation of outstanding people who will change the world with Little People, BIG DREAMS!

£9.99 Hardback. Created for ages 4-7 years.


Frances Lincoln Children's Books

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