About Us



Take one fashion loving Mama- Sprinkle a good helping of quirky, then mix with a bag of contagious, and immeasurable passion for Children’s books, and voila! you get Llydia the founder of Bookalicious.

Her energy and childlike excitement truly is infectious and leaves you pretty awe-inspired. Her desire and ability to source the most creative and memorable books is apparent the minute you shop here.

This mama of one’s vision to change our approach of how we buy books and how we use them comes from a fiercely creative and imaginative approach.

Her creative background and experience in delivering information in a truly unique style echoes throughout this online store the more you delve in.

As a person Llydia oozes such passion and enthusiasm for children’s books and her personal individual style reflects strongly in her selection of books and, we hope, your experience visiting the store.

The curated catalogue at Bookalicious will not only inspire and excite babies, toddlers and younger children, but parents too. For all your baby and children books, baby shower gifting, milestone birthday gifts and more, explore our store to experience the best in children’s reads.